(347) Pariana

From Wikipedia:
347 Pariana is a large (51 km) Main belt asteroid. It is classified as an M-type asteroid. It was discovered by Auguste Charlois on November 28, 1892 in Nice.

M-type asteroids are asteroids of partially known composition; they are moderately bright (albedo 0.10.2). Some, but not all, are made of nickel-iron, either pure or mixed with small amounts of stone. These are thought to be pieces of the metallic core of differentiated asteroids that were fragmented by impacts, and are thought to be the source of iron meteorites. M-type asteroids are the third most common asteroid type (after C and S types).

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Observation Francois KUGEL with
  • 80mm F/5 refractor
  • ST8300 SBig CCD camera (2x2 binning)
  • IR 742nm cut-off filter
Processing Jerome CARON with AsPyLib library.

Official (MPC, Harris database) Measured (fit with 6 Fourier terms)
Rotation period (hours) 4.0529 4.05236 +/- 0.00011
Rotation period (days) 0.16887 0.168848 +/- 0.000005
Amplitude of mag variations 0.09 - 0.42 0.339

Magnitude during the observations: 12.2 to 12.5

Searching the period

Search of best fit using 4 harmonics.
The most likely period value is close to 0.1688 days. It corresponds to the official period.