ASAS J123732-0126.1

ASAS J123732-0126.1 is an eclipsing binary (type ESD or EC) with magnitude around 10.9.

More information can be found on the AAVSO-VSX website: Click here


Observations Francois KUGEL.
Processing Jerome CARON with AsPyLib library.

Official (AAVSO-VSX) Measured (fit with 4 Fourier terms)
Period (hours) 16.889 16.948 +/- 0.013
Period (days) 0.703708 0.70615 +/- 0.00055
Amplitude of mag variations 0.14 0.163

Searching the period

Search of best fit using 4 harmonics.
Fit was done with starting value for period = 0.7065 days, this value is the closest to the official period.