ET Leo

ET Leo is an eclipsing binary (type EW) with magnitude around 9.6.

More information can be found on the AAVSO-VSX website: Click here


Observation Francois KUGEL with
  • 80mm F/5 refractor
  • ST8300 SBig CCD camera (2x2 binning)
  • IR 742nm cut-off filter
Processing Jerome CARON with AsPyLib library.

Official (AAVSO-VSX) Measured (fit with 6 Fourier terms)
Period (hours) 8.3161 8.3153 +/- 0.0006
Period (days) 0.34650349 0.34647 +/- 0.00003
Amplitude of mag variations 0.12 0.122

Searching the period

Search of best fit using 2 harmonics.
Most likely period = 0.3464 days, this value corresponds to the official period.